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Location: 1149 S Mary AVE, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Type: Single Family Home
MLS: South Bay Area and The Peninsula
MLS#: 81685774
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Disclosure FilesDateFile Size
 4_JCP_PNC_2160325.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:18166 Kb
 5_JCP_Invoice1_1149 S MARY AVE_2160325.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:1895 Kb
 6_JCP_1149 S MARY AVE_2160325.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:191,076 Kb
 7_JCP_SIG_1149 S MARY AVE_2160325.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:18227 Kb
 8_JCP_SUM_1149 S MARY AVE_2160325.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:19239 Kb
 Additional Docs.pdf   2017-12-06 21:09:35664 Kb
 Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure.pdf   2017-12-06 21:09:34219 Kb
 CC&Rs_1149 S Mary.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:203,039 Kb
 CHIMNEY INSPECTION.pdf   2017-12-01 18:13:22476 Kb
 DISCLOSURES- 1149 S. Mary Ave., Sawnson Trust.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:363,119 Kb
 Earthquake Pamphlet ACKN.docx   2017-12-01 18:13:35517 Kb
 Earthquake_enviro_hers_pamphlet.pdf   2017-12-01 18:13:364,894 Kb
 ITEMS COMPLETED AT 1149 S MARY AVE.docx   2017-12-09 17:38:2613 Kb
 PROPERTY INSPECTION.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:551,837 Kb
 RECEIPT FOR DOCS- PLS SUBMIT WITH OFFER.docx   2017-12-01 18:14:1715 Kb
 ROOF INSPECTION.pdf   2017-12-01 18:13:10189 Kb
 Roof Repairs Completed.pdf   2017-12-01 18:13:10191 Kb
 TERMITE INSPECTION.pdf   2017-12-01 18:10:103,950 Kb
 TO ALL AGENTS.doc.rtf   2017-12-01 18:14:1751 Kb
 UPDATED PRELIM TITLE REPORT-CU-7118 update.pdf   2017-12-01 18:09:01266 Kb
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